Four Reasons To Hire Long Beach Family Lawyers

There are different lawyers to call depending on the situation you are in. For instance, it is pointless to head to a personal injury firm if you are charged with a serious crime. In order to offer a bit more clarification, here are four solid reasons for you to look for Long Beach family lawyers.

Divorce cases are a good reason to get in touch with a lawyer. While it would be great for every couple to be able to work things out on their own without calling Long Beach family lawyers, things are not always that simple. Whether there is a dispute over property or you are battling over custody of the children, getting in touch with a lawyer is a good idea.

If you are a grandparent who has not been allowed to see your grandchildren for an extended period, that can be a real emotional blow. Instead of throwing in the towel and accepting this fate, you can get in touch with a family lawyer. Whether you know this or not, you have a right to have contact with the children as long as you have not done anything to place them in harm’s way. Getting a lawyer will help you ensure that your rights are not being violated.

In the event that you are getting married and you want to protect your assets, it will be necessary to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up. This will clarify how property and finances will be divvied up in the event that the marriage comes to an end. This is a good idea for those who are in all income brackets since it is never a good feeling to lose all that you have worked hard for.

Do you have a relative that is no longer able to care for their child and you would like to retain guardianship? Are you and another family member battling about this matter. A family law attorney in Long Beach can help the two of you mediate and determine a course of action that is in the best interest of the child.

As you can tell, there are many excellent reasons to get in touch with a family lawyer. Whether it is a matter of custody, divorce, or getting a prenuptial agreement in place before a pending wedding, there is no reason to move forward until you have a good lawyer in your corner.

What You Need To Know About Child Custody

child custody law


If you are getting a divorce or have separated from a partner with whom you share a child, the issue of child support will eventually come up. Here are listed the most common child support questions parents have, and the answers that you need to know:

How is child support calculated?

United States courts now use a generic table that calculates by taking into account takes the parent’s income, the number of children, and the area cost of living. This table was meant bring uniformity in child support, so that one parent would pay close to the same amount as other parents in a similar situation.

Courts only sway from this formula when one parents is considerably wealthier than the other, or there are other mitigating factors that might justify a different amount. When a child has special needs would be one of these factors.

How do I determine child support?

Before you decide to divorce, you will want to calculate how much child support you with be either receiving or paying. The amount of support varies from state to state, but you can find general guidelines on how to calculate support by searching the internet.

Do different states and counties have different rates of child support?

Most people don’t realize that child support is set by the county in which the child is living. This means that if a custodial parent moves, his or her child support award can also change should either parent file for a re-adjustment. It may rise or fall, sometimes a large amount, depending on the new area of residence. For example, a parent who moves from California to Wyoming will see the child support award drop substantially if the paying spouse puts in for an adjustment. This is because the cost-of-living calculation is much lover in Wyoming.

What should I do if the child support checks don’t arrive?

Have you thought about how you will survive if the child support doesn’t arrive? Only about 50-60% of child support awards are fully calculated, and even loving and responsible parents sometimes run into situations that leave them unable to pay. For example, if your former spouse looses a job, that could leave you without support for a long time, possibly a couple of years, while your Ex searches for a new job.

If a spouse simply refuses to pay out of spite, you can take him or her to court and have their wages garnished. However this, too, takes time.

Will child support cover the cost of raising your kids?

Generally, you should not expect your child support payments to fully supply the cost of raising children, or that they will raise you to the same comfort level you enjoyed before the divorce. Child support is limited by your ex-spouse’s income and ability to pay. If their income is low, it may only cover a portion of your child rearing costs. You should also note that child support awards do not take into account extra expenses, things like college tuition, or the cost of braces. Parents will need to arrange for these things on their own.

Will I still owe child support if I have joint-custody?

It depends on all other circumstances. If one parent makes substantially more than the other one, the higher earning parent can still owe child support even if he or she shares 50% custody of the kids.

Surviving the Trauma of Car Accidents in McAllen Texas


While on a double date with friends, beautiful 18-year-old Megan Hernandez died after being hit by a drunk driver southbound on Highway 99 close to the 12th Avenue exit. The tragedy, which happened February 15, was compounded by the fact that the drunk driver, Rodney Thurman, 39, fled the scene on foot after the crash.  The three others in the car with Megan survived with injuries, while Megan left behind a mother and twin brother, Patrick.  Thurman later turned himself in and was charged with vehicular manslaughter and a felony hit-and-run.

The heartbreak of a car crash resulting in injuries and death is devastating for everyone, and even more so when the family is financially not prepared for the unanticipated expenses. Megan’s family turned to to help raise funds for funeral and other expenses. They have been able to raise over $2,000 from 49 donations, but it is still not enough to cover the expenses.

Road accidents in McAllen, Texas for this year alone have now reached a high of 103, involving cars, bicycles, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

If you are a victim of an accident, there are legal remedies that entitle you to financial compensation.  You will be questioned on the details of the accident, as well as information on:

  • date, time, and place of the accident
  • type of accident and collision
  • injuries received and treatment required
  • fatalities, if any
  • names of everyone directly affected by the accident
  • a recount of the events that took place
  • insurance details, if any

You will also have to provide a police report, copies of documents such as registration papers, driver’s licenses, and insurance policy.

Even though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has placed safety features along all roads and major highways, and is constantly monitoring the road network and doing everything it can to keep everyone on the road safe from harm, accidents will happen. People get distracted while driving, drive while intoxicated, swerve to avoid a potential crash only to crash with someone else, or experience mechanical problems.

For victims, it’s not enough that the other party who caused the accident is caught. Justice must be served because lives are disrupted and many individuals suffer permanent changes. This means loss of life, disabilities, loss of income, loss of property, lifelong medical treatment, higher insurance premiums, and an array of other unexpected and unwanted changes.

To survive a trauma like a road accident and be able to move forward, regardless of the situation, usually requires some form of restitution.  Under the Victims’ Bill of Rights Act of the State of Texas, restitution is financial compensation that an offender owes the victim. In the case of Megan Hernandez, her family has the right to seek assistance from a McAllen personal injury attorney to help obtain compensation. Under Texas law, DUI-related accidents and drunk driving cases fall under the criminal courts.  The criminal courts are obligated to impose payment of restitution by the offender to the victim or her family as part of a probation order or a condition for probation.  The compensation amount is usually calculated based on the personal injury damages. Restitution under McAllen Texas law cannot go away until it is fully paid, not even for bankruptcy. This is a debt of the offender that will never expire.

Three Steps of the Miami Foreclosure Process

Losing your home is sure to be hard to handle. However, foreclosures do occur every day, and if you’re in this situation, you will want to know what to expect. The key to dealing with this difficult situation is by being as prepared as possible and having a positive attitude in a negative predicament. You should also strongly consider relying on the assistance of a foreclosure defense attorney in Miami Lakes that will help legally guide you through this process. Additionally, by knowing all of the steps that will be taken, this can be helpful to you, as well.

Step #1: Pre-foreclosure

When you fail to make a payment, the foreclose process can be begin as soon as 30 days after doing so. It’s not uncommon for some lenders to first file a warning letter simply stating that if a payment isn’t made with a certain amount of time the proceedings for a foreclosure will take place.

The official statement regarding your foreclosure may be with a letter that is known as the Notice of Default letter. This will be recorded at your local governmental offices alerting others of this warning.

However, the Notice of Default letter will provide you with a time that your payment must be made for you to avoid the foreclosure action. If this is made, the home will not go into foreclosure. Yet, if the payment isn’t completed, your Miami foreclosure lawyer will advise you that this process will begin.

Step #2: Auction

The next phase in the foreclosure process will involve putting the house up for public auction. There will typically be an advertisement posted in your local newspaper for three weeks before this actually takes place and be sure to check with your Miami foreclosure attorney about this.

There will be a minimal amount set as a starting bid, and the highest bidder will be awarded the property. However, you should keep in mind that many lenders will accept cash only at an auction for a foreclosed home. Be prepared for this in advance by having s certain amount of cash on hand before attending.

Step #3: Bank owned

In some rare cases, there may not be an individual that wants to purchase the home at the auction. If this is the case, the property will be returned to the bank and the lender will be responsible for getting it sold.

The bank will then be responsible for getting the home sold and being able to recoup money that the lender owed for it.

Being able to know what to expect and when to expect can be the key to getting through a foreclosure. Take the time to work with a Miami, FL foreclosure lawyer in your area to assist you through all the various stages of this process!

Car & Motorcycle Accidents In Missouri

Accidents occur without any kind of hint or warning; particularly those that occur due to the carelessness and negligent of others. In Missouri, a car accident is the most common incident which you will hear on the news every day. These accidents usually occur due to the faulty driving of one party. According to the Missouri car accident law, the injured victim has the right to demand compensation regarding funds for damages and losses from the accused for their medical treatment, to cover the damages of their property and many other claims.

There are several Missouri car and motorcycle accident law firms that deal with these cases with utmost efficiency. If you or any individual from your family is a casualty of an auto accident, they you ought to quickly employ a lawyer who manages this kind of cases. Casualties of these accidents are in some cases so seriously scarred both rationally and physically that it gets to be incomprehensible for them to proceed with their every day obligations. Amid these circumstances, the lawyer of the Missouri car accident law firm helps them to look for equity as remuneration.

According to the Missouri motorcyclist report, since the casualties have the legitimate right to request pay from the defective party, these lawyers help them to do only that. On the off chance that the casualty is not genuinely harmed, then the flawed party can be released with no genuine punishments. Be that as it may, if the casualty is extremely harmed, these lawyers get them the entitled remuneration from the broken party as far as assets for their restorative treatment, harm to property, lost wages, and so forth.

The majority of the Missouri car accident law firms also deals with motorcycle accidents. Since individuals who own a vehicle love to drive beyond the speed limit, they are the ones who get involved in accidents be it in highway or any other busy routes. These accidents occur when the motorcycle collides with vehicles particularly cars and trucks. The reckless driving of the vehicle’s driver is the cause of these accidents in most cases. If you are a victim of such accidents, then you should immediately hire a St. Louis motorcycle injury attorney to represent your case.

In St. Louis, there are many law firms who deal with these cases with utmost zeal and commitment. Before you hire a St. Louis motorcycle injury lawyer to represent your case, there are some points to keep note of. Always hire a lawyer who is experienced in this field even when you know that you have a strong case. In these cases if you do not have an experienced personal injury lawyer to assist you then even if you have a strong case the faulty party can be pardoned without any penalty.

Hiring an experienced St. Louis injury lawyer to represent your case holds a lot of merits. Since these professionals have been on this field for quite sometime, they have a vast knowledge about these cases. These lawyers will help you to get the required compensation from the other party. If you hire an experienced St. Louis motorcycle injury attorney to represent your case, then he can deal with any points put forward by the other party.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Will Stand By Your Case

Truck accidentTrucking is the most obvious favored decision for moving cargo inside of the United States of America. The American Trucking Association reports that more than nine billion tons of cargo is pulled by means of major parkways and interstates every year.

Due to this expansion in business for the trucking business, it is accounted for that a tractor trailer accident happens at regular intervals. On the off chance that you have had the hardship of encountering an accident that includes a tractor trailer, your next step would be to contact a truck accident lawyer.

You will need somebody who will remain by you in these snippets of misery and perplexity. A decent lawyer’s first need is to be your bit of psyche as far as you can tell. They ought to be focused on offering you some assistance with reassembling your life, after an accident of this extent can totally transform it. An accomplished truck accident lawyer will help you, by figuring out what sort of pay might be compensated to you because of wounds maintained from the accident.

Lawyers ought to give the greater part of their assets and aptitude to guarantee that an exact report has been recorded. They do this by acquiring the accident report and ensuring that the report precisely reflects what happened in the accident. Your lawyer will likewise contact witnesses and talk straightforwardly with the officers at the scene of the accident. A decent truck accident lawyer will investigate everything about, or little, that was a contributing variable to the accident.

Obtaining data from truck organizations with respect to the foundation and capabilities of the truck driver being referred to is something that a truck accident lawyer will investigate. By law, trucking organizations take after strict rules before permitting a driver to work these conceivably hazardous vehicles. A lawyer recognizes what these laws are and may be capable get something in a history report. Knowing these things can here and there be favorable position in a looming body of evidence against a truck organization.

taking a picture of auto damageDocumenting an injury claim is a genuine move to make against a trucking organization. They are generally an extensive organization with a great deal in question, and will carry with them an exceedingly talented legitimate group.

Preceding steadily recording any injury claim, the customer should make certain of the considerable number of realities with respect to the case. They should likewise discover a truck injury lawyer they feel is adequate to go up against a lawful group that represents considerable authority in these sorts of cases. The more certainty the casualty has in the truck injury lawyer, the less enthusiastic anxiety the petitioner is liable to experience.

If you have been harmed in an accident with a tractor trailer, huge apparatus, 18-wheeler, or semi, a truck accident lawyer can give assistance to you when you require it the most. Try not to give an announcement to the trucking organization or its insurance agents until you have talked with a lawyer first. Secure your entitlement to recuperate pay for your wounds, chat with an accomplished lawyer that spends significant time in accidents that include tractor trailers.

Key Features of Bankruptcy Law

bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy law can make filing for bankruptcy a long, complex process. Comprehending basic bankruptcy law raises the filer’s likelihood of being successful. Bankruptcy is the lawful procedure through which a person in debt is provided shielding from lenders and completely stops lenders from collecting those financial obligations released by a bankruptcy court judge.

A release from debt isn’t a termination of financial obligations as much as it’s a lawful conviction that a borrower satisfies the requirements established in the bankruptcy law code to completely protect against collecting of the debts discharged. Not every debt is dischargeable. Debt that has not been discharged will have to still be settled.

The procedure commences with submitting of a petition for discharge in the bankruptcy court nearest to the home of the debtor. Bankruptcy Court is a federal court with specific authority over bankruptcy law matters. Each court is may adopt localized procedures that apply only to cases filed within its district. Therefore, it’s preferred to use the guidance and services of a knowledgeable lawyer knowledgeable of community bankruptcy law.

You will find some requirements basic to all jurisdictions. Bankruptcy filers will need to collect all applicable documents about his finances. When he’s completed the bankruptcy survey, the borrower goes to an approved credit counseling course within 180 days of filing.

After he has filed, the borrower is summoned to a 341(a) hearing. At this hearing, the Trustee examines the petition and other facts on file and questions the debtor to see if the borrower satisfies the conditions to file for bankruptcy. Financial institutions will be informed of the hearing and asked to be present. Financial institutions may raise arguments against a release. This hearing is open to the general public.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a procedure for a full liquidation of the borrower’s property and thus elimination of debt. An alternative choice is a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A “means test” is used to figure out whether or not a declare is eligible for liquidation under chapter 7 or needs to submit a settlement program under chapter 13.

When the petitioner has income that brings him or her in excess of the median income for a house-hold of comparable size in his area he must file under 13 and provide an acceptable schedule to pay off a chunk of the debt. A discharge is issued when the conditions of the pay back plan are fulfilled. All petitioners using whichever chapter of the bankruptcy code needs to attend an approved personal finance management course and file a certificate of completion with the bankruptcy court before the petition is finalized under bankruptcy law.